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Configuration, Pricing & Quotation Made Simple

PreSalesAdvisor is a cloud-based tool that makes it easy to price and give quotes for verified technology configurations.

Give it your branding, personalise the user experience and incorporate products and services from all your vendors. With this proven tool, you empower your customers to self-service with confidence – while you save resource on pre-sales, sales, pricing and admin.


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Configure, Price, Quote made simple


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Why PreSalesAdvisor

PreSalesAdvisor has a whole range of features that make life easier for you and your customers
(it’s why it’s routinely described as “revolutionary” and “very easy to use”).

When you have your free demo, you’ll immediately see the benefits of the verified configurations, instant delegated pricing,
real-time stock information and multi-currency capabilities.

The tool makes such a difference because all these features are wrapped up in a single, user-friendly product that helps everyone in the channel work more efficiently to meet user demand. And that translates to more revenue and higher gross profit.


Streamline and automate your supply chain with a simple way to keep tabs on stock and pricing across the channel.


Increase revenue per head while making it easy to manage pricing, stock and supplier/reseller relationships.


Make it easy for customers to spec their order and get quotes, so pre-sales staff can focus on more profitable work.

Deal registration process 99% shorter

Deal reg used to take 5 days at one company. With PreSalesAdvisor, it only takes 1 hour.

250 people add more value

A whole team was reassigned to value-added work after PreSalesAdvisor automated configuration and pricing.

Higher average order value

PreSalesAdvisor made it easy to bundle configurations with an OS and extended warranty by default.


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Our Lite version empowers organisations to self-configure their own unlimited advisors. Making it easy to price, quote and enable outright purchase or as-a-service finance, for both products and services – all within one advisor.


What our customers say about PreSalesAdvisor

"My first deal registration via PSAT works super! Major Improvement, we save days because of this!" Tech Data, Sweden

"Superb! This looks so easy."
Load System, Sweden

"PSAT is very easy to use. Much better than existing systems." CaralData, Norway

Avnet, UK

IT Companies in More Than 150 Countries Use PreSalesAdvisor Technology
IBM Probrand

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