How much time do you spend on deal registration? How easy is it to promote bundles and higher value products over run-rate products?

PreSalesAdvisor is a cloud-based application that makes it easy to sell more efficiently and strategically. No matter what products and services you offer, it will help you boost gross profit by streamlining your supply chain, boosting efficiency and making it easier for customers to buy from you.


Customisable Configurations

Supports any product, bundle, solution or service from any vendor (including in-house).


Instant Delegated Pricing

Move beyond the limits of basic pricing, integrating customer data, promotions, and vendor deal registrations to give the right prices in real-time.


Real-Time Stock Information

See where stock is in the supply chain so you can strategically promote products and support reverse factoring.


Value-Added Service Integration

In the single tool, you can include warranties, licences, support packages and financing to increase order value.


Multi-Country & Multi-Currency

Work in any currency, with the relevant tax, language and cultural settings automatically configured.


Supply Chain Automation

Reduce inefficiency in the supply chain by making it easy for users to configure, price and quote themselves.


Personalised Experience

Give PreSalesAdvisor your own branding and designate roles to give users a seamless experience.


Rich Product Content

Including technical specs, features, resources and compatible options – automatically integrating your data and external sources.


Guided Advisors

Help customers find and price a verified configuration quickly, whether they’re familiar with brands and products or don’t know where to start.


Third-Party Compatibility

PreSalesAdvisor is cross platform and can interface with over 60 systems, services, products and file formats.


Analytics & BI

Real-time visibility of all aspects of sales, with user-friendly dashboards that give you meaningful intelligence at a glance


Rapid Deployment

With rapid deployment of your PreSalesAdvisor solution – you can start boosting gross profit and efficiency faster.

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