What is deal registration?

According to Technopedia: "Deal registration is a program of channel partners in which the vendor is informed about a business opportunity and is provided priority for it. The channel partners, like system integrator partners or value-added resellers, are provided with a definite period to bring the deal to a closure. However during this time, a vendor’s own sales team or other channel members are prohibited from striking a similar deal with the particular lead. Deal registration helps in lowering the channel conflicts between the channel members of a vendor’s internal sales team."

Protect your investments

Deal registration is great for protecting time invested by resellers and distributors, but as a manual process it is extremely labour intensive, resulting in less transactions being secured.

"Deal registration programs can help vendors influence partner behaviour, enhance collaboration, reduce channel conflict and measure partner performance. At the same time, these programs provide vendors with real-time visibility into channel pipeline. However, vendors report that approximately 70% of qualifying transactions go unregistered." Channel Marketer Report

With PreSalesAdvisor, deal registration becomes easy, by following a simple online process, you can be securing deals in minutes not days, ensuring better adoption and freeing vendor resource to concentrate on other tasks.

With controlled governance, you can make sure users don't abuse the registration process, whilst providing you with complete visibility of who is registering, tracking of registrations and completed transactions.

Deal Registration Process - 99% Shorter

Deal registration can take up to 5 days in many companies. With PreSalesAdvisor it only takes 1 hour.


Multi Roles

Assign & configure reseller, distributor or vendor roles, allowing all to initiate the deal registration process.


Full Connectivity

Optimise your systems by integrating into ERP and CRM solutions such as SugarCRM and Salesforce.


Special Discounts

From registering a deal, you can release special vendor discounts to consume to or to pass on to your customers.


Any mixture can be registered

Allow users to configure and register deals of any combination for ultimate flexibility.


Check Competency & Credit

Gain security and peace of mind with detailed company profile analysis.


Fully Localised Solution

Bild and deploy custom solutions to multiple regions. Adopt local currency, taxes, language and culture.

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