PreSalesAdvisor Lite - The simple and affordable cloud-based self-service
Configure, Price, Quote system


Self-Serve Configuration, Pricing & Quotation Made Simple

Easily digitise product knowledge to allow users to self-serve and include upsell accessories and options, with true ‘as-a-service’ monthly payment plans and approvals.

Based on the globally recognised PreSalesAdvisor system, our Lite version empowers organisations to self-configure their own unlimited advisors. Making it easy to price, quote and enable outright purchase or as-a-service finance, for both products and services – all within one advisor.

The Power to Self-Serve

Admin staff can configure unlimited advisors, while empowered sales teams can configure products and services with additional upsell accessories and options.

All complete with automatic finance 'as-a-service' options to complete the sales process with either a one-off basket payment or the preferable and customer attractive monthly payment.


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Why PreSalesAdvisor Lite?

PreSalesAdvisor Lite allows you to launch vendor-agnostic Product and Service Advisors complete with 'as-a-service' finance faster and easier than any other system on the market

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Configure, Bundle, Price, Purchase and Finance products and services from any vendor

'as-a-service' financing

Increase transactions of your products and bundled services by providing low monthly payment options


Make it easy for customers to spec their order and get quotes, so pre-sales staff can focus on more profitable work.

Time saved

Teams can save on average a day per order from initial product selection through to approved finance

250 people add more value

A whole team was reassigned to value-added work after PreSalesAdvisor automated configuration and pricing.

Higher average order value

PreSalesAdvisor made it easy to bundle configurations with an OS and extended warranty by default.

The truly affordable CPQ and 'as-a-service' solution

The new affordable Lite version of the globally recognised CPQ system is now available to all

for the low monthly price of only £600 ($800 / €700)


What our customers say about PreSalesAdvisor

"Major Improvement, we save days because of this!" Tech

"Superb! This looks so easy."
Load System, Sweden

"PSAT is very easy to use. Much better than existing systems." CaralData, Norway

Avnet, UK

IT Companies in More Than 150 Countries Use PreSalesAdvisor Technology
IBM Probrand

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