Pre-sales Configuration Solution for IBM

What is PSAT?

IBM PreSalesAdvisor Tool (PSAT) is a cloud-based pre-sales platform for verified technology configurations,
deployed for IBM in more than 155 countries, with 31,500 registered users, 12,900 resellers,
and is globalised, covering 27 languages, currencies and cultures.

The History of PreSalesAdvisor Tool (PSAT) for IBM

A pre-sales advisor tool for an integrated supply chain process

PreSalesAdvisor platform was originally created as a tool to integrate supply chains for IBM. It was designed to allow resellers to view distributors' stock and entitled pricing,
while configuring servers and storage ranges. The primary goal was to automate inefficient and slow manual processes; the configuration tool steadily increased
IBM's return on investment and improved their relationships with resellers and partners. 

Deployment in under 12 months

IBM's initial development was 9 months. We managed to deliver a powerful CPQ software in under 12 weeks. From prototyping to data cleansing and deploying, the IBM PSAT configurator streamlines the whole quote-to-cash process. The biggest challenges in the pre-sales such as difficulty finding product information, confusion around customer needs, inconsistent customer journeys, issues with discounts rules, time wasting and manual processing are all solved with PSAT, creating streamlined customer journeys and maximising profits.


What our customers say about PreSalesAdvisor

"My first deal registration via PSAT works super! Major Improvement, we save days because of this!" Tech Data, Sweden

"Superb! This looks so easy."
Load System, Sweden

"PSAT is very easy to use. Much better than existing systems." CaralData, Norway

Avnet, UK

Sell more with PSAT

IBM wanted to become more competitive in their quoting processes. Nowadays, machine learning and artificial intelligence enhance capabilities that make buying and selling a lot smarter and proactive. Guided selling with virtual advisors helps sales reps focus on their top priorities tasks and also guides the customers in their journey to self-serve.

PSAT puts the user at the center of the solution. Through cognitive search, users can search across brands, products, services, existing configurations, competitor name, brand model and many others. 

Rich content is important in providing enough information so the customer feels confident in their decision and is more like to buy. Our enhanced rich product features highlights key selling points, competitive analysis, compatible options, and links to digital documentation, internal/external resources that the user can show to other parties involved in the decision-making process.


Facts and figures at a glance

  • PSAT was created for high volume of enquiries
  • Available in 150 countries and translated into 27 languages
  • Has over 300 distributor feeds
  • Over 2000 resellers in the network
  • An overall community of 25,000 people
  • 1000 configurations per day
  • Over 3000 configurable models available
  • Multiple brand support
  • Real-time special pricing capability
  • Reseller and distributor global deal registration
  • Full integration into SalesForce Opportunity Management System 
  • Fully role driven
  • End user portal
  • Full support to entitlements engine (marketing campaigns)


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