The Three Critical Stages of a Sales Process

How would you rate the effectiveness of your sales team? Can it be
more efficient?

With PreSalesAdvisor’s Configure, Price, Quote system sales teams can maximise deal value through up-sell and cross-sell and save time on configuration processes.

A Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) system is bringing together three critical elements of a sales cycle. The configure, price and quote stages done right can eliminate errors, reduce costs and time, and streamline quote-to-order processes. Let’s have a look at these different stages and see how you can improve your business profitability.

The Configuration Stage
This is the stage where customers get asked about the products and services they want. Complex products including bundles of items need an interdependency rule between products and services. Guided selling techniques ensure that the items selected by the user are compatible with other pieces of software or hardware and the opportunities of upselling are included in the process.

In a B2B environment, the sales person would take the exact requirements from the customer and use a configurator to quickly select all the wanted features. Due to configuration rules set-up behind the scenes, the system might show possible combinations of products and services and up-selling opportunities on the items selected. Where you have systems with thousands of products and services, not even the best sales person will remember all the right combinations. That’s where PreSalesAdvisor comes in handy and assists the sales person in customising the perfect solution for the customer.

The guided selling process helps you choose elements such as the size of a screen, how much memory you want, whether you want a graphics card or more rams. Depending on your selections, you will be presented with the right combinations of products and services to customise your device. The category experts can define 3rd party options they wish to attach to each sale.

The Pricing Stage
The price is what makes the difference in a sell. For example, PreSalesAdvisor’s pricing engine ensures price transparency every time a price is displayed. This is particularly empowering for users as some vendors might not be entirely transparent when setting margins.

PreSalesAdvisor’s algorithms will identify different discount structures and schemes based on the chosen bundle of items and services. Overall, a well-defined pricing solution takes the stress away from sales teams and customers.

The Quoting Stage
This is the final stage of a CPQ system and it summarises the best outcomes based on the initial requirements. Quoting at the lowest price will attract clients and provide greater sales possibilities.

With a PreSalesAdvisor CPQ system at every step of the quoting journey, the user can see a quick summary of the order and available payment options.

If you are interested in making your sales processes more efficient and allow your sales representatives focus on looking after your customers, then we advise you to invest in a CPQ solution. For more details about the software, please contact us to book a demo.