Selling complex products and solutions with CPQ

22 September 2018

In B2B e-commerce, selling complex solutions and products can be challenging. From extensive product lists, multiple manufacturers and resellers management to inconsistent user experiences across vendor sites, we see more and more and restrictions in creating unified solutions.

The Difference Between Lightweight CPQ and Heavyweight CPQ

29 August 2018

A heavyweight CPQ system involves a lot more thought, time and resources such as developers, designers, and quality control teams to build it.

The 3 Critical Stages of a Sales Process

28 August 2018

How would you rate the effectiveness of your sales team? Can it be more efficient? With PreSalesAdvisor’s Configure, Price, Quote system sales teams can maximise deal value through up-sell and cross-sell and save time on configuration processes.

Shorter Sales Cycle with Configure, Price, Quote

31 July 2017

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is used in many sales departments because it not only helps sales representatives create a better case for potential customers with additional product information and custom pricing on complex configurations, but can also allow customers to ‘self-serve’ reducing the overall time required by the sales department.