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The sample configurators below will introduce you to a number of the powerful features of PreSalesAdvisor including real-time calculation, a dynamically-tailored question set, interactive data-driven tables, and more besides.

Managed Security Services

The Managed Security Services configurator allows customers to choose from a suite of IT services.

After making their choice, customers will be asked a series of questions about their requirements. They will need to select one or more components to include in the chosen service, then configure aspects of the core and supplemental service features.

Before completing their order, the customer will be able to review a summary of their choices, and make adjustments as required. The service cost is clearly visible throughout the process, and will update in real-time as the customer makes changes to their order.

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Cloud Backup

The Cloud Backup configurator gathers a customer’s contact details, as well as the capacity and duration of their backup requirements.

It then presents the customer with a list of features offered as part of the various service tiers, and asks them to choose the tier that best suits their needs.

The customer can see the monthly costs associated with each tier, and download a document containing extensive information about the service in general, before completing their quote. On submission, the configurator will generate and send two e-mails: a confirmation for the customer, and a notification prompt for a sales representative.

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